I Locked My Keys in My Car ❤️ Tips on What You Can Do

I Locked My Keys in My Car

In an age when we rely on technology to manage everything in our lives easier, sometimes the best approach is still a little training on our part. Use these suggestions to build a plan that will keep you and your car keys on the same side of the locked door!

  • Create an exit strategy. In other words, commit to one way of gathering yourself together, exiting the car, and getting the doors locked. When you have multiple ways of securing your keys and closing the door, you are bound to get yourself crossed up and, before you know it, everything that will unlock your car is INSIDE the locked car while you fume on the outside! If you choose, however, that you are always going to use the same pattern to gather your keys and always lock the door the same way, you get yourself into a routine that you are less likely to screw up when you get out of the car—even when you are in a hurry. Performing such a pattern is critical–pun intended!
  • Use a lanyard. Sometimes people inadvertently lock themselves out of the car because they have too many things and not enough hands! With the lanyard, when the keys come out of the ignition, they can go right around your neck before you even get out of the seat, keeping you and your keys together.
  • Try a carabiner. You know, one of those oblong metal rings with one spring-hinged side. They are often used in mountain climbing, but they are great for just clipping things together, like your keys to a purse strap or belt loop. Make it a habit to go from the ignition to the designated clipping place, and keep you and your keys together.
  • Keep a wristband on your keychain. This will also allow you to go from the ignition to that designated place for your keys. You can also add a wristband to your carabiner if you want to have that extra option in some situations, but, regardless, choose one “exit” strategy and stick with it!
  • Duplicate your key and keep one in your billfold or purse. An excellent option for those who cannot seem to break that habit of locking the key inside the car—but be sure your wallet or purse stays with you!

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