What should I look out for when hiring a Locksmith near me?

It can be a challenge choosing a locksmith with a trustworthy reputation, and Colorado is no exception. Whether it’s for your car, your business, or your home, there are several things a customer should be aware of when deciding to call a locksmith. At Highlands Locksmith, we care about the customer. In an industry inundated with scammers, we want to make sure that you’re receiving the best locksmith help at the best price.

How can you tell online if a local locksmith is legitimate?

A frequent problem occurs when consumers Google "locksmith near me." A lot of the time, "locksmith lead generators" or "locksmith lead aggregators," pop up first on search engines. Most of the time, they are scams. It is common even in other industries when people search for mobile services. These lead-gen aggregator services have been a thorn in the side of honest locksmiths in America since the late 1990s.

Google "nearest locksmith" or "emergency locksmith." All of a sudden, you come across one of these listings. Locksmith lead generation aggregators are known as such because they are nothing more than a call-center. These companies buy wholesale and regularly answer the phone with nothing more than "Local Locksmith Service!" The calls are mostly from bogus search listings offering services at bargain prices.

When you call these companies, they will display in their ads or when on the phone a meager service charge. They quote service calls at prices between $10 to $20, which is remarkably low for a reputable service company. The warning is that the amount of labor might go up depending on the difficulty of the job or type of hardware. They use what's called a bait and switch scheme. They entice you with a cheap service call. Upon arrival, the locksmith will give you a story about why the price has now surged due to the challenge of your job.

With the cost of Google charging them for you clicking their link, fuel, wages, and parts, almost no locksmith company can perform at this low of a service charge. Most lead generation services are located outside of America, while Google may show them right in your city. A few even present photo-shopped buildings into Google Maps street view to give an air of authenticity. Locksmith lead generation aggregators are a widespread and dishonest practice that is used to get to your location and then hike prices to ridiculous levels.

So please be careful when choosing a locksmith.  We understand the confusion and stake our reputation for always doing the right thing.