Lock Change or Rekey: Which One Should You Choose?


Need to rekey or replace locks for your home? Re-keying your lock is relatively straightforward. If you are not familiar with the rekey process, rekeying is merely changing the interior of the lock, allowing it to now be operated by a new, different key. Re-keying eliminates access from the original key without affecting the lock’s exterior appearance.

re-keyingg can be completed on a home, office building, or even a vehicle’s lock, helping you enjoy peace of mind that no one, aside from authorized individuals, have access to their personal property. The process is inexpensive and can save you time, money, and potential heartache. Ask about Denver Locksmith’s re-keying Special that offers our re-keying services for as low as $19 per lock!

Denver Locksmith is proud to offer our trusted and affordable re-key services. We also offer key replacement and critical copies for your residential, commercial, and automotive properties.


There are many benefits when you choose to re-key locks over installing new locks. First, it is often less costly because the hardware on your doors does not need removing. The process involves fewer working hours and can be done quickly. You won’t need to repaint your doors or worry about finding a newer lock to match your already designed décor. If you require several locks to be re-keyed, the right Re-keying experts can advise you as to how many locks should be re-keyed, the associated costs, and the work required. The process is simple and much less stressful than changing out locks. Re-keying a lock is as good as having a new and improved lock, and it is a lot more cost-effective than trying to replace it. Denver Locksmith makes rekeying your locks easier than ever, and we serve your needs all around the metro area!


Almost any type of lock can be re-keyed. You can re-key the lock on your car door and your car’s ignition, not to mention the basic re-keying of your home or office door locks. Here are a list of re-keying services Denver Locksmith offers:

  • Office/business re-keying services
  • Car key replacement
  • Home key replacement
  • New keys and key copies
  • Car ignition and broken key repair
  • Key programming and key chip programming
  • Remote control programming

First, when you buy a used car, a home, or an apartment, you do not know who else has been given your keys. To keep yourself, your family, and your property safe, it is best to rekey the locks altogether.

When it comes to cars, most vehicles today use the same key for the door and the ignition, so re-keying the lock means also rekeying the ignition. Another scenario is that the door has a programmed key, which we can easily reprogram. If your car fob has a programmed key or a chip, Denver Locksmith can help change the chip so that you can still have access to your car or vehicle, but previous owners won’t. This is the same concept as rekeying locks, except it changes the electronics in the key, as opposed to the lock itself. This same concept is used to reprogram house keys, such as door keys or room keys. The process takes very little time, and it also keeps your rooms and homes safe from the entry of unauthorized persons. This is undoubtedly a much better option than replacing the entire lock each time a new key is needed.

If you need a key replacement, Denver Locksmith is here to help. Whether you have a broken key fob for your car or you lost your electronic key, our master key maker and the programmer can help make sure your vehicle or home is safe and operates smoothly without needing to replace your car’s entire locking mechanisms. This is especially critical when dealing with programmable keys, which can be quite costly to replace if the entire system needs replacing. Our car locksmith team can come to you and replace key fobs, saving you time and money since you don’t have to go to the dealership.

Even in the worst-case scenarios, Denver Locksmith can aid you by becoming your go-to key maker for Denver locks. Change may not be what you’re looking for, so we can also offer to make key copies for different members of your family, too! This ensures that you do not experience any additional difficulties or restrictions in the access of your residential properties.


Our locksmith work does not end with newer technological advances. Denver Locksmith has been in the metro area repairing and re-keying locks for decades. We pride ourselves in having the expertise to repair antique locks on your older, preserved homes. Colorado is full of history, and some homeowners take pride in the look and preservation of their historic home. However, older locks tend to break due to years of wear and tear. Our rekeying specialists have learned the delicate precision needed to repair antique locks. This helps to keep your home in its original, historical condition with properly working locks.

Not only do we perform the labor and run the gambit of expertise for all types of rekeying and repairing of locks in the Denver metro area, but we conduct all of our work with style. People use color as statements and also to differentiate one key from another. Denver Locksmith has a wide array of key colors to choose from, including typical silver and brass. We also have black, antique brass, bronze, and many more colors to help you organize your life, one key at a time.

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